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Shameless promotion day

A little off topic today, I'm doing a little shameless promotion of a new mom-focused website called MomDot. They are officially launching the site on August 1st but there is already a ton of great content and links up and running.

You can find a link to my blog under the "Special Interest" section..(ooooh I'm a SPECIAL interest..wonder if that means I can break out the pretty white coat with the shiny buckles...hee hee) but check out all of the great links. I have browsed a few of them (their goal was to have 100 blogs listed by the launch and I'm pretty sure they far surpassed that) and there is definitely something for everyone out there! Mommy blogs, daddy blogs, crafting blogs, cooking blogs, and plenty of mom-run online boutiques that are making my wallet ache.

I'm really excited about it, the ladies at the helm are the kind of goofy individuals that I like to surround myself with and they have assembled an equally motley crew of bloggers and business owners to back them up. And as if a HUGE online community of awesome mommies (and daddies) wasn't good enough, they are running a bunch of contests to celebrate the launch! All that's missing is the dancing bears.

Bring your bad self and your blog to the party - click the link in my sidebar or head over to MomDot before I steal all the brownies.

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