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I have a new inductee into the mission - my sister in law was kind enough to provide transport so that I could get my shopping done yesterday. Our car has gone the way of the dodo and we're waiting to hear if we might be able to procure one with a little more functionality from a family friend. Anyway, I had told her about my mission and about the wonder that is Couponmom.com, but she was interested in seeing me in action - so we had a mommy shopping day!

(this, by the way, may become a ritual - we let the daddies take the babies for the morning, and we got some Dunkin Donuts and shopped...what a great way to spend a Sunday!)

Anyway, this was another great week for me - our meat supply was running a bit low and I needed a few extra things for the pantry. BUT I only dropped 75 bucks on the whole shebang - and I actually didn't use a single coupon! This was all with store sales and getting what I could at the Price Rite. Here's how it broke down:

Stop & Shop: Spent $23.38, saved $11.37. (deli sliced turkey, two roaster chickens, half a watermelon, 2 pounds of strawberries, and a couple of mangos)

Shaws: Spent $20.02, saved $21.47. (2 bags salad mix, 2 pkgs split chicken breasts, 2 pkgs ground turkey, 3 cans pasta sauce, 4 bottles soda)

Price Rite: Spent $31.76 (3 bags frozen veggies, large box frozen waffles, 2 loaves bread, egg noodles, pasta, canned mushrooms, canned chick peas, big jar chopped garlic, squash, bananas, tub of butter spread, quick oats, 4 pounds shredded mozzarella, parmesan cheese)

I have to work out some kind of menu plan for the week - I am still planning to do the "Menu planning Monday" but with the unplanned bumps in the road I'll have to put that off for just a bit. My little guy is pushing "But Not the Hippopotamus" under my nose so I'm going to go read. It's kind of nice to know that in spite of everything going on right now, my only current concern is whether I will have to hear him say "DILLO!" at the end of the story 5...or 6 times this afternoon :)

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