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Welcome to MomDot day at my blog! :)

It's been such a hectic week or so, I'm just now catching up on my fave sites whilst the boy and the daddy sleep. I know I just gave a shameless shout out to the ladies at MomDot, but they asked their bloggers to post a little personal info....and who am I to turn down a chance to brag? Besides...here's your chance to see the chickie behind the coupon mania :)

  1. WHO AM I? - Jeez. Got a few millenia? I am a mom, wife, wedding planner, student of frugality, drama queen, 80's addict, comic/sci fi nerd, singer, dancer, purveyor of boardrooms and board books. And I make a mean blueberry muffin.
  2. KIDS? - Two boys for now, one 12 years and one 17 months.....hubby and I plan to add to the team at least twice more before my ovaries give out.
  3. WHAT DO YOU BLOG ABOUT? WHY DO YOU BLOG? - I started this blog partly as a means of keeping myself accountable as I tried to get my budget under control....if somewhere in my head I thought that the digital masses would be tracking my every move, I'd be more likely to stick with it. Now, it's just a really fun means of sharing what I learn every day - from recipes, to my shopping adventures, to miscellaneous bits of info I find along the way. Mom took great care of us but never passed on her own shopping and cooking tricks to me, so I am the equivalent of a 6th grade Home Ec flunkie. But I'm learning! And being able to pass on that knowledge gets me excited about what I might learn next.
  4. SOMETHING TERRIBLY INTERESTING THAT MUST BE SHARED - I was once an aspiring Broadway starlet before taking the Mommy ball and running with it. I have danced on the Shubert Theater stage, sang in front of 3000 Canadian schoolchildren, survived a 7-second costume change, and had a great conversation with Rue McLanahan (of Golden Girls fame) while waiting for my turn at an audition.

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