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Where's the beef?

Did you know that the butcher on site at big-name grocery stores will cut up meat for you on request? Here's a perfect example of how this can work in your favor...

If you read my blog from my first shopping trip, I got top round london broil steaks for $1.79/lb. That's a GREAT price on a decent cut of beef - but how many times can you cook london broil before you're sick of it? That line of thinking is what leads to stocking up small - two packages as I had done - instead of REALLY bringing it home.

So what do you do instead of searching the internet frantically for a new recipe or six? Press the little buzzer on the butcher's window. Because most ground beef goes for $1.99/lb on sale....but why not buy the top round for $1.79/lb and have Mr. Butcher Man turn that steak into ground beef? You're buying it cheaper AND they don't generally charge extra. So take home 6 pounds worth of steaks, and another 6 pounds of ground beef...for the cheaper price!

This can also work in your favor if you want cube steaks (for stew or kebobs) and you find a sale price on a cut of beef that is cheaper than the pre-packaged cubed meat. The butcher will probably ask you to come back for your finished product, but it's a minor inconvenience for a major savings!!

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