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I saved HOW much???

Ok - this is a shining example of why the Couponmom system works so well for you to know when to stock up on items - because her system is not just about knowing when to use the coupons from the Sunday paper....it's also about knowing when a sale price is TRULY the rock-bottom best price (more about that later):

This is ACTUAL info from my sales receipt from my trip to Stop & Shop on Saturday...

*Ajax dish soap - regular $1.29 - on sale for 1.00, plus 0.20 coupon
*Hebrew Nat'l Franks - reg $4.89 - on sale for BOGO PLUS a free 12 oz Gulden's mustard, PLUS a $1.00 off coupon
*Quilted Northern TP 24 roll - reg $7.59 - on sale for 5.99
*Broccoli bunches - reg price $1.29, same as price rite
(this is where it gets REALLY GOOD)
*Appx 4lb Bone in center cut pork chops - reg $3.99/lb, on sale for $1.79/lb
*Kielbasa - reg $3.99 - on sale BOGO
*Appx 3lb Top round london broil (2 REALLY big steaks per pkg) - reg $4.99/lb - on sale for 1.79/lb

Total before savings: $74.63
Total savings: $40.91 (no joke...that's a 55% savings)
Total paid: 33.72

Rock on!!!

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