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Ok. I'm sitting here watching Dancing with the Stars, and it's time for the Crazy Old Lady and her Crazier Dance Partner. I can appreciate that Cloris Leachman has made a career out of her left-of-center-where-the-heck-is-left sense of humor. And man, I can only hope to be hopping around like that when I'm her age. I hope I'm continent at her age.

But ew.

Like really, ew.

Am I the only one who finds them more than a little disturbing?

I'm not really sure which is oogier. Her (just in general) on the dance floor, or her partner Corky Ballas who actually CHOREOGRAPHS these dances. And seems to be enjoying himself WAAAAY too much on the dance floor. Do I really need to see her boobies in the camera? Does he HAVE to do the rump shake with her EVERY time? I seriously think he lays awake at night, dreaming up new and unusual ways to cop a feel.

I need a shower. And something that will dissolve the images that are now burned into my retinas.


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Pam said...

LOL...I don't watch the show but I saw an interview w/ her and it showed some of their dance moves. On one hand I was wow I wish I look like that when I get her age but on the other hand I was wow I hope I don't act like that at her age,lol! Like your blog it has a lot of great info.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only one who throws up in her mouth a little when Cloris and her partner do some of the moves....sorry Cloris but it is just frightening at times!