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Major Milestone!

I had a pretty good shopping run this week - I didn't do too much with coupons but I did get all of the shopping done for just under 50 bucks! Most of it was essentials, but I did a little stocking up too. Here's how it panned out:

Price Rite - 4 pounds bananas, milk, yogurt, 2 bags frozen veggies, bread, flour, 2 pounds zucchini, red and green pepper, 4 bottles of diet soda, 2 pounds ground turkey, quick oats, 1.5 pounds american cheese, cooking spray - Total $31.08

Seabra (it's another discount-type grocery store near my house, I decided to check it out) - 2 dozen eggs (on sale for $1 each!), quart strawberries, 5 pounds country style pork ribs - Total $10.43

Stop and Shop - 24 pack of double roll toilet paper - Total $5.21 (on sale for $5.99, had a $1/1 coupon)

But here's the REAL milestone. I went over my spending for the last 4 weeks, and my TOTAL spending was just under $250...that INCLUDED enough diapers, wipes, toilet paper and paper towels for the next 2 months!!! If I were to consider just the food items and not paper/cleaning stuff, that would mean this month I was UNDER $200 in groceries! I call that Mission VERY Possible! :)


Week 1 - $80.00 (this was a decent stock-up week for meat and canned goods)
Week 2 - $22.00 (Nothing but the essentials)
Week 3 - $90.00 (got diapers, wipes and paper towels from BJs plus basic food needs)
Week 4 - $47.00

Grand total for 4 weeks - $249.00

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Felicia said...

You are seriously amazing me! Do you already have a pretty decent stock pile of food? Do you just "know" where to shop in your area? I'm trying to find out ways to save money...slowly...it is hard work!

savvysuzie said...

Felicia - it's definitely work, but I've only been at it since May so it's worthwhile! Start with your local circulars...just read them all and see what jumps out at you. Pay attention to pricing on things you buy all the the time. What I "know" now is what I took the time to learn!

Tosha said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know how much I like it! I will be following, keep up the great work!

Lydia said...

This is amazing. Especially when you are talking about diapers as well as food. I have two in diapers as well as formula and baby food costs. Those seem to put me over a little.

Tammy Warren said...

I have no idea how in the world you do this. I am following your blog and trying to take it all in.