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Menu Plan Monday - Sept 8th

Ever have one of those weeks where you look back and wonder where the days (and the dollars) disappeared to? That's where I found myself yesterday when I sat down to do the shopping list and the menu plan. I haven't been as diligent with the budget since we got back from vacation, and we had a couple of surprise expenses pop up...so pursestrings are ti-iight!

I took stock of the pantry, and we're actually in quite good shape - so as much as there were LOTS of yummy recipes I wanted to try this week, I committed to eat out of the pantry this week. That means my shopping trip yesterday was nothing but milk, bread, eggs, fruit and veggies - for a grand total of $15! It makes me feel a WEE bit better :)

Last week the recipes were all very successful, and I have PLENTY of leftovers to get me through the week - the Bee Rocks actually made a batch of 12 pockets....so having them again this week will be F-R-E-E! We ended up using a gift certificate from Christmas to go out for dinner on Saturday (hubby's birthday is this Wednesday!) and DS had an overnight with his Auntie...the grownup face time was long overdue and much appreciated :)

Here's this week's lineup - don't forget to check out the 300-plus other menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie!

monday: Italian Chicken Skillet over rice ($4.35)

tuesday: Frittatta, using leftovers from Sunday's 7 Layer Casserole for filling and some cheddar cheese ($1.29)

wednesday: Mimi's Sticky Chicken, Easy cheese biscuits, carrots ($5.75)

thursday: Chicken drumsticks with BBQ sauce, Homesteader cornbread, green beans ($3.62)

friday: Grandma's Chicken Stew ($1.75)

saturday: Leftover Bee Rocks ($0.00! Nothing! Nada!)

sunday: dinner at the in-laws! Freebies rock!

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Kristen said...

I love how you add the prices to your menu - what a cool feature! AM going to have to try those Bee Rocks. Yum!

Tina said...

Great recipes!

Mandy said...

your recipes look delicious, and so inexpensive too! I can't wai to try some of them.

Renee said...

I'm impressed that you figure out the cost per meal - I'm always too lazy to do that.

Jolene said...

Wow, I can't get past the fact you can buy milk, bread, eggs and produce for only $15! The milk, bread and eggs alone here is more then that.