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Menu Plan Monday - Sept 29th

What a rough week for connecting to the internet! Our signal hasn't been reliable and I am SO far behind in postings! The good news is that we survived last week, hubby survived his first week of work at the new job, and we all ate well :) The Autumn Chicken was a HUGE hit, and unbelievably easy to make. I actually came home on a break from work to put everything in the crockpot and made it back with time to spare.

This week is a big cooking week, everyone will be home for dinner every night but Sunday - the in-laws got us tickets to dinner and a show with the Clancy Legacy for our anniversary (These are the kids of the irish musicians the Clancy Brothers and the Makems). We saw them when the boy wonder was 9 months old and he loved the music then, so Sunday should be a lot of fun! I'm working almost completely out of the pantry again - haven't done the shopping just yet but I don't expect that supplies will run me more than $20 again, the biggest expense will be diapers and wipes, which should set us back about $40 for a 6 week supply. And we inherited a HUGE pan of baked ziti, some hot dogs, and salad from my nephew's birthday party yesterday - I love free food!

The baking list this week: zucchini muffins, a batch of cornbread, and buns/rolls (half a batch of rolls, half a batch of breadsticks) to use as breakfast, side dishes and snacks.

Here's what we're eating, don't forget to visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more ideas!

monday - Chickpea Stew with rice ($3.44)

tuesday - Homemade cheese pizza with this crust, leftover (free) salad from the party ($2.14)

wednesday - Breaded drumsticks, green beans, cornbread ($3.00)

thursday - Baked Ziti and salad leftover from the party, breadsticks ($0.30)

friday - Herb Crusted Pork chops, dinner rolls, mixed veggies ($2.87)

saturday - Chicken Quesadillas using this mexican chicken, avocado slices ($6.00)

sunday - Early anniversary present - dinner and a show from my in-laws!

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1 comment:

Briana @ Bargain Briana said...

Love that you put the cost per meal on there! :) I love free food too! Plus, it saves me from cooking! :)

I'm bookmarking Autumn Chicken...looks yummy!