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Bricklaying - and a little sibling fun

I think my brother is moonlighting.

Here he is at my wedding with his lovely wife:


And here is DWTS "Derek Hough"..or so he says :)


I have my suspicions...


A little more on-topic...I am going to start a short weekly series that I'm titling "Bricklaying". Each week I will post a "brick" - what I have incorporated as foundational ideas toward improving and managing my grocery budget. I've had a lot of people both online and in person ask me how I do what I do every week that makes my budget goal possible - it forced me to really organize my thought process, and I hope that it might help others achieve what I'm aiming for! It's easy to talk about coupon clipping and sale-hunting, but there is a whole mentality shift that has to happen for everything to come together. Call it the method to my madness, I call it building a solid wall to hide my goodies behind :)

Tune in next week for the first installment - and if you have anything particular you'd like to see included, leave me a comment!

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Petra said...

haha, he does look just like him!

He's really cute, yee-ha! And his wife is gorgeous too!

Tell him I said so, and if it doesn't work out with each of our significant others, we can get together! LOL.

Felicia said...

I have given you an award for your awesome blog! It will be posted on Friday so come by www.gograhamgo.blogspot.com to pick it up!