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Menu Plan Monday - Sept 22nd

There are so many things I have grown to love about Menu Plans Mondays! I have been introduced to some wonderful blogs (and the wonderful ladies behind them!), found a storehouse of great recipe and menu ideas, and linked in with a means to motivate me every weekend! If you have been afraid to try it for yourself, don't be....I never planned a week before I started this, and now I wonder how I did without it. THIS WEEK is Family Favorites week - everyone will be posting their own personal "Standby" dishes, so I will definitely be filling the recipe binder :)

This week is definitely a pantry-raiding week. Hubby got a new job (hooray!) but he starts on Monday with a pretty rigorous schedule, and I had already picked up a few shifts at work so we're going to be baby-swapping and running around like headless chickens for the week. The upside is that there are 3 nights when we will be either dining at a relatives house or working (which means leftovers in the lunchbox!), the downside that we won't see much of each other until Sunday. Our car insurance had to be renewed too, and since DH has been out of work for a few weeks we didn't really have the cushion to make that deposit any less painful.

The good news - weekly shopping this week came to a grand total of $22, I got 4 pounds of bananas, 4 pounds of zukes, 3 pounds of apples, bread, milk ,eggs, flour, diet soda, cheese and frozen veggies. I plan on shredding and freezing half of the zucchini for future use in bread and muffins and I made a huge pot of veggie soup for the freezer. We should be pretty well set for at least 2 weeks if I play things right!

Here's what I came up with for this week, and don't forget to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie and see what everyone else is having for dinner!

monday: Hubby and I are both working the night shift, so we'll be having leftovers and the boy wonder will be dining at his Grammie's.

tuesday: Lloyds BBQ pork on homemade buns, corn, Cheesy zucchini strips ($3.85)

wednesday: Bee Rocks from the freezer, Vegetable soup ($3.03 for three servings) **Family favorite!
thursday: Baked Macaroni and Cheese **Another Family Favorite!
friday: dinner at the in-law's, they're keeping the boy overnight and hubby's comedy group is having a grand opening of their performance space! Woo!

saturday: Autumn Chicken, leftover rolls from Tuesday, and mixed veggies ($4.11)
sunday: Heading to the Cape for my nephew's birthday party (more free dinner, more cake!)


Lydia said...

I found you through Entrecard and I enjoy reading your menus. I am trying to feed a big family and love reading new ideas. Thanks!

Felicia said...

I am loving your site!

Felicia said...

Looking for a way to contact you with no success. I had a question for you...how do you make your posts appear the way they do in the RSS feed? Readers are given a synopsis, but then need to click on the link to see more. I want mine to look like that! Help!

Tina said...

I have an award for you waiting on my page :)

Lore said...

I've been meaning to plan one week ahead but never really got to :(. Hope I'll be able to change that :D

Jolene said...

I really need to stop reading how little you spend on food! LOL
What cost you $22 would have been well over $50 here...*sigh*. LOL.

I'm going to make your Chicken Stew from your Menu Plan last week, sounds so yummy. I'm going to buy a rotisserie chicken to use for it, here that is about the cheapest way to get chicken.