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Another Thursday, another round of sales flyers!

Got the sales flyers in the mail today, and I'm finding that now that I've been through a few weeks of the CouponMom system, I am better at catching the good deals on my own. It is now official, I will never pay more than $2 per 12 pack of soda cans! BOTH of the major grocery stores are running deals this weekend for that price, and one of the stores has a "Buy 5 get one free" coupon in the flyer. So tomorrow I will go pick up 6 12-packs for 10 bucks.

A couple of decent meat deals showed up, but I will wait to check the actual discount percentage on the CouponMom site tomorrow before I make any final decisions...and most of the produce isn't discounted enough for me to bite. I'm still in good enough shape that I can be picky about buying ANYTHING this week other than the milk, bread and eggs. I love $20 grocery weeks :)

I have gotten braver about checking the online coupon sites - these are sites like Coupons.com, Eversave, Coolsavings, and Smartsource that do printable online grocery coupons. I would personally recommend Coupons.com and Smartsource as they immediately send you to the coupons - the other sites require that you click through a bunch of online offers before they give you the coupons, and that's just not time I have to spend. I browsed the online coupons yesterday, so I had a general idea of what was there....when I got the sales flyers, one store has Ball Park franks on sale 2 for $3....I remembered a BallPark coupon on SmartSource, which turned out to be $1 off one package. So if I print 2 out, I can get each pack of franks for $0.50 each! Just in time for barbeques!!!!

It was a bit daunting at first to go through the whole process of checking flyers, checking online, tracking prices....but now that I'm several weeks in, I'm finding that it's taking less and less time. I have paid much more attention to the cost of stuff I buy regularly, and I have a much better handle on what I SHOULD be willing to pay for stuff. Plus now that I have built up a pretty good stockpile of stuff between the pantry and the freezer, I shop with less pressure. That alone has probably helped the process along, I feel more in control of what I'm buying so I make less impulse buys. I might not be a shopping black belt yet - but I'm getting there!

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