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Friday Fun!

TGIF has a whole new meaning to me now....the circulars come in the mail on Thursday afternoon, and Friday morning is when Couponmom updates - and the hunt begins! I have started bringing my circulars to work and browsing through the deals to see if I can pick out the big hitters - it's silly, but I get giddy on Thursday nights now!

I am sitting right now with circulars in one hand, and Couponmom and my spreadsheets open on the computer. This week I have a LOT of flexibility - the grand total for groceries on the "need" list this week was all of $20....That means in 3 weeks I have spent less than $200 on groceries and paper goods, with stuff in the stockpile to spare! There's no pressure to buy anything, but if I see wild deals I can stock up as much as I'm willing to!

A side note: according to the USDA website Briefing room, 10.5 percent of US households in 2006 experienced food insecurity - that's 35.5 million people who either didn't have enough to eat or were afraid they wouldn't be able to feed their family. I can definitely count myself in those numbers. So it's a very big deal to go through an entire month (including one of those mega-bills weeks where everything seems to come due) and not worry about whether I'd be able to get everything I needed into the pantry for the week.

So WOW...this could be a really good stock up week....Crest toothpaste for 50 cents! Deodorant for 83% off! Mueller's pasta for 50 cents a box! LOTS of BOGO deals on meat. And that's just at Shaws! Some of these deals are with store card, some with additonal coupons. Stop and Shop's deals aren't quite as prolific, but I see more meat deals that might be worth picking up, though not really going for broke. Tuna for 66 cents a can, and a really good deal on Shedd's Spread that includes a dozen eggs - sweet! Surprisingly, CVS has some pretty good deals - I can get some toothbrushes practically free, and there are some makeup deals worth checking out. CVS deals usually include Extra bucks - I have to get better about saving those. Some unexpected good deals at Walgreens, but I definitely need to dig up the circular from last week. Rite Aid doesn't have anything spectacular, but I flagged a few items that i saw on other store lists for comparison.

I've copied and pasted the most appealing deals into my handy-dandy spreadsheet, sometimes the same item is on sale at multiple stores so I definitely want to try for the lowest price I can get :) Tonight I'll go through and make up my potential shopping list and get the coupons clipped...tomorrow is shopping day!!!

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