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Week 2

Week 2 of the shopping challenge is upon me. And I am definitely seeing how stocking up when prices are lowest will pay off over the course of the month. I visited Couponmom this morning with circulars and coupons in hand, only to find that this week there really wasn't much that was on deep discount that would be useful to me. Being the holiday weekend I saw much of what I expected, price cuts on hot dogs, chips, soda, condiments for BBQ's...but nothing truly spectacular as I had seen the week before.

I love that the site takes the tracking of pricing cycles out of my hands! I may be OCD but I definitely don't have time to keep track of when things are dropping in price, and when they go back up. I'll double check the site tommorrow to see if any coupons due to come out sunday will do me any good, but I can pretty much lay low on the food shopping this week and wait until those discounts get bigger. All I really need this week is perishable basics (milk, eggs, bread, and a few fruits and veggies. I'm estimating my food bill this week to be under $25...we'll see how things look after the shopping run tomorrow!

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