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Menu Plan Monday - Nov 3rd

It's that time of year - Holiday crunch time! Once Halloween passes, it's an all-out sprint to the end of the year. I'm hoping to have a few moments here and there to enjoy everything going on, but it always seems to fly by too quickly for my taste. We're incredibly lucky to have both sets of parents living very nearby, and extended family just a little further away...but it means that we have to start planning the Holiday shuffle NOW. Part of me just wants to keep things small and stay home, but you never know what's around the bend...so I'll enjoy the family madness for as long as I have it :)

Last week we did pretty well with the menu, I had to shuffle a few things around due to unthawed chicken (hate when that happens!) but we did a leftover night instead which got my fridge a little cleaner! The Cabbage Roll Casserole was INCREDIBLE. It was a hearty stew with very rich flavors. Hubby and I both agreed it would be amazing in a bread bowl...so I may try my hand at making mini-loaves for next time :) I think I'm going to put off the Caraway Pork chops for a little bit - we never got to it last week and hubby is working just about every night this week. We have three nights home together, but none where I'll be home all day to make any grand preparations. So I've tried to plan out meals that either use boxed shortcuts (I hit a HUGE sale today!) or fast preparations. I have plenty of muffins and bread for breakfasts, but if I find something that really tickles my fancy I might do some baking.

Here's our menu for the week, don't forget to visit Laura and all the other MPM participants at Orgjunkie.com for more inspiration!

monday: Veggie Lo Mein ($3.24 for 6-8 servings)

tuesday: Italian Chicken Skillet ($4.35 for 4-6 servings)

wednesday: Breaded drumsticks, veggies, au gratin potatoes ($3.50 for 4 servings)

thursday: Pasta Primavera - just mix frozen veggies with your favorite sauce! ($3.00 for 8 servings)

friday: Leftover Bee Rocks and leftover broccoli cheese soup (free!!)

saturday: Sausage Oven Omelette using kielbasa, fruit and toast ($5.63 for 6 servings)

sunday: Either homemade pizza or dinner at the in-laws! ($1.98 for 4-6 servings)

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