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Menu Plan Monday - Oct 13th

We managed to survive last week *mostly* intact - even with the extra hours at work we stayed on plan as far as the menu goes, though since we did end up over my in-laws on Sunday I will probably do the soup and sandwiches for dinner tonight...I haven't decided yet :)

The Sausage Oven Omelette turned out SOOOO good and made six healthy portions, so that will definitely go on the regular rotation...it'd be easy to double too, which will make it great for family brunches and pot lucks! I was also impressed with how far we stretched the Mexican chicken - two good sized chix breasts made enough shredded meat for 4 quesadillas, a burrito and chicken on my salad! Imagine what I could do with 2 pounds instead of 1...hehehe..

I did NO baking last week, so this week I have to hit the flour jar hard. I'm just about out of muffins so I'm going to do a batch of carrot muffins, some applesauce bread, and some dinner rolls and hoagie-sized rolls from this dough recipe (this one gets a LOT of mileage in my house!) If there are any leftovers from the squash and apple casserole I will probably see about baking that into muffins too!

I'm trying out a new soup recipe this week, it's one of those things I want to build in my repertoire because soup is relatively cheap for a LOT of servings, and it stores well. I like having things on hand that I can just pull out of the freezer and have on the table without a lot of extra effort :)

I had a really good shopping week but I'll post about that separately - in the meantime check out this week's MPM participants over at I'm an Organizing Junkie! And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all the Canucks :)

monday - either veggie soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (carryover), or pasta with veggies ($3.15/$2.50)

tuesday - Mimi's Sticky Chicken, baked squash & apple casserole, homemade rolls ($8.65 - it's a pretty big chicken. I'll be making stock too!)

wednesday - Crockpot Thai chicken thighs, rice, steamed zukes ($7.70)

thursday - Homemade Hawaiian pizza - I do mine with pineapple and bacon ($2.94)

friday - Creamy broccoli cheese soup, leftover rolls from earlier in the week ($6.60)

saturday - Turkey meatball subs ($5.20)

sunday - taking our annual trip to the pumkin patch, then we have Uncle Bubba's birthday party...free eats!

**You'll notice my per-meal cost is a little high this week - I've been debating whether it's easier to break meals down to the number of servings we'll have or just do the whole cost and count leftovers as freebies. This week is the cost of the whole recipe, most serve 6-8 but some (like the chicken and the soup) serve almost twice that. If you have preferences of what you'd like to see, leave a comment and let me know!

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Amanda Leigh said...

I am going to the pumpkin patch this weekend also! How do you get these prices so low!!

Keely said...

Oh my...the crockpot Thai chicken sounds awesome. Gonna steal that one.

Felicia said...

I am giving you another award. Come pick it up here: http://gograhamgo.blogspot.com/2008/10/amazed-again.html

You are awesome!

Mandy said...

I really love your blog! I can't wait to try the crockpot thai chicken. . .my husband I will really like it!