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It's the Great Pumpkin!

I am sitting here watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". By myself. (the Boy Wonder is in bed and hubby is working - I'm a dork, I know!) It's actually one of my favorite Halloween traditions. I still have fond memories of checking the TV Guide as a kid to find out when it was on, and my mom would make a big family night of it. We'd bring our pillows and blankets to the living room, and everyone would curl up together to watch. It would usually turn into a big slumber party in the living room because we were tired by the time it was over.

It was one piece of a week of anticipation, costume parties at elementary school, scoping out the candy that Mom had bought (so we could pounce on whatever was left over after the doorbell stopped ringing!), watching my dad set up his decorations on the lawn (complete with outdoor speakers so he could play his "spooky music"), and ultimately trick-or-treating on Halloween evening. My folks always dressed up too, my dad would usually stay behind to hand out treats and my mom would walk us around the neighborhood. We had a great little block with lots of kids and all of the parents knew each other. At the end of the night, my brothers and I would dump our booty on the living room floor, and the negotiating would begin. If I gave you two licorice can I have one of your snickers bars? What will you give me for my Charleston Chews - it doesn't matter that I don't even like them! :)

The Boy Wonder is still a little young to start partaking of the festivities, but he's certainly aware something fun is going on this week. Hubby loves Halloween so we've got decorations all over the house (my dear son has already learned to say "skeleton"...or in his words, "skeh-ni-nin"!) I can't wait till he's old enough to get excited about the Great Pumpkin showings, and really understands the fun. I look forward to watching him deliberate over what he wants to be, what candy he hopes to get, and how he's going to scare his younger siblings...not that I ever did that. Really.

What Halloween memories do you have? Any traditions that you are carrying on to your young ones?

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Felicia said...

We definitely have the tradition of home made costumes! I loved that ours were always different! We are definitely passing that along!

Go Graham Go!

Keely said...

My mom always picked through our candy on the pretense of looking for 'dangerous' stuff, but I'm pretty sure she just wanted a few for herself. She also used to have to taste our ice cream "just to make sure it's chocolate".

I tagged you. Fess up, darlin ;)

Kim said...

Isn't it a bit of a shame that all these holiday shows are now so accessible that you can watch them wherever, whenever? I mean, yeah, it's nice that you can just pick a night to watch Great Pumpkin, or Rudolph, but some of the excitement gets lost. I remember, like you do, looking through the tv guide for these specials! Rudolph was our big night! Also, Wizard of Oz around Easter.
But, Halloween traditions: After my daughter gets tired of trick or treating, my son and I always go out for another 1/2 hour and he loves doing that with me...we always wind up having a great conversation! And, he feels proud of himself because he asks people if he can have an extra piece of candy for his sister because she got worn out. Also, hubbie and I like to watch "Sleepy Hollow" (Johnny Depp) each year after the kids are in bed.

On The Verge said...

We watched this too last night. Can you believe none of my girls have ever watched a Charlie Brown cartoon??? Hubby and I grew up on them!