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AWESOME deal from Omaha Steaks/Geico *link fixed

It's been a crazy week so I haven't finished the next Bricklaying installment, look for it before the end of the week!

Instead, I am passing along this AWESOME deal that was posted by "Deal"icious Mom

Visit her post HERE for all of the details, but here's how it works:

1. Sign up for Geico Privileges (you don't have to be a Geico customer, it's just a corporate affiliate program where they get discounts for referring business to sponsors)

2. After you sign up, Geico will email you a gift card code for $25 from Omaha Steaks! It took my code about half a day to show up, so be patient. I had to actually log on to get the code, at first the link only sent me to their deals search page.

3. Once you have the code, open up the Omaha Steaks link in "Deal"icious Mom's post - you HAVE to use this link, not the one straight from the Geico site.

4. Choose anything that is at least $12 - view your cart and there should be an option to choose a free gift! The only thing that showed up was the set of 6 cutlery and the cutting board. Select that, and it will be in your cart when you check out.

I am getting a New York Cheesecake, the cutlery and the cutting board for $3.98. Pretty sweet!

Oh and if you want to do any additional shopping at Omaha steaks once you complete this deal, click this link HERE and they will add 12 free burgers to your order! **disclosure: I will get a $20 gift card for every 2 people that complete this deal, which I would love to use in upcoming giveaways!

Happy shopping!!

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Erin Tales said...

You have an award at themombuzz.com!

2sisterstravel said...

I also got the email indicating that they are changing their terms and have entered into a fun little email banter with them. I have a feeling that Omaha Steaks is going to regret taking their error out on the consumers. These are the terms that were provided with gift card #:

“Terms: Your Omaha Steaks $25 Reward Gift Card is a one-time use code and may be used on one customer transaction. This code must be entered at checkout to apply your discount. You may only use one Reward gift Card per order. Reward Gift Cards may not be used to purchase Omaha Steaks Gift Cards, e-Gift Cards or wine. This card may not be applied to previous sales, has no cash value, is non-transferable and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. This offer can only be redeemed online or by phone. This card is void if altered, defaced, copied, transferred
or sold through any auction. Card expires 12/31/08.

Nothing about using in combination. I urge those who ordered to contact customer service. Companies should not be able to change terms after the fact.