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The slippery slope

I've been remiss in posting my shopping trips the last little while...mostly because while I have been good about only buying things on sale, I haven't been very good about keeping track of what's going out of my wallet and whether I'm on budget. This month is bound to be a little more expensive than usual, I did a lot of stocking up when we got back from camping (total shopping was around $160), and I'm trying to latch on to some of the holiday weekend grocery sales and fill out the pantry a bit. But I don't want to get lax in watching my spending and my savings just because I had a tough week, old habits die slow, painful deaths and I want to stay on track!

This week I did pretty well, all things considered....I'm probably in better shape than I think - but being budget conscious is as much about where you're at mentally as financially. I FEEL like I've done worse because I haven't been keeping the mental tally like usual. Which means I can easily convince myself that I missed things along the way and suddenly we're in danger of having nothing but old receipt lint in the wallet :)

I have to sit down with the receipts but here's a few good finds from Friday:

Store #1
Boneless chicken breast - on sale $1.77/lb, bought about 6 pounds
Chicken things - on sale $1/lb, bought 3.65 lb (this price happens every other week)
Total spent: $14.50 Total saved: 14.28 Almost 50% savings

Pork shoulder ribs - $1.69/lb (the package I got was 5 pounds, enough for about 8 portions)
Ground Perdue turkey - $1.99/lb
Pepsi 12-pack cans - on sale 5/$11 but I had a coupon for "buy 4 get one free" so I got 6 for $11, that works out to $1.83 per box
Total spent: $28.86 Total Saved: 23.09

No big coupon excursions for now, I worked WAY too much and just didn't have it in me to do the legwork in time for weekend shopping. I have Tuesday off so I may see what I can come up with while the boy naps.... Menu Plan Monday is upon me again and I will be posting a bunch of new recipes tonight!

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Tina said...

Thanks for wanting to add my button :) I *think* I fixed the problem. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

Mandi said...

Great blog! Very interesting. I'll be back.