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Menu Planning Monday - August 11th

Yes, I'm on a camping getaway right now...but through the miracles of modern technology, I am able to magically teleport my weekly meal plan..and...

Ok. I'm a little silly at the moment. Forgive me my indiscretion :)

I did want to post the family camping meal plan, if for no other reason than this whole trip fits into my frugal philosophy - we've rented a couple of trailers lakeside in Maine, complete with kitchenettes so we can prepare our own meals and free activities organized by the camp directors. The other night my mother in law, sister in law, grandmother in law and I sat around the table and wrote out all of our meals for the week, and divvyed up shopping and pre-cooking responsibilities. With a little luck, all 12 of us will be well fed and well rested when we get back!

Here's how it panned out, I left out prices this week because I am only doing a small part of the shopping:

Breakfasts: two egg, bacon and pancake breakfasts. One French toast breakfast. Cereal, fruit and muffins all other days.

Lunches: Cold cuts, mac and cheese, and cold cuts :)

Saturday: Spaghetti dinner
Sunday: Burgundy beef, fresh corn
Monday: Sloppy Joes, watermelon
Tuesday: Burgers and hot dogs, fruit salad
Wednesday: French meat pies
Thursday: Dorito Chicken Casserole
Friday: Pizza from the local eatery

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