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You spent HOW much?

That's the reaction I've been getting this week.

I think I'm becoming the poster child for stocking up and shopping the pantry - I'm several weeks into the mission and this week wasn't just a surprise - it was a mental a-bomb. I've been doing really good the last few weeks stocking up when the sales were good...but the proof was definitely in the pudding...

My total spent in groceries in the last 10 days? $7

No, that's not a typo.

How'd it happen? I've got a great stockpile of meat in the freezer, so dinners were covered. We had plenty of veggies and fruits between fresh, canned and frozen to last more than the week. We had enough breakfast food handy, and I got a deal on lunchmeat the other week plus there were always leftovers. So all I needed was:

Milk $3.29 gallon jug
Eggs $1.49 dozen
Bread $1.10 wheat loaf, $0.75 white loaf.

Grand total - $6.63

I think I just peed a little.

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1 comment:

Simply AnonyMom said...

That is awesome!

I am new to this and I use your blog to keep me inspired and to show it CAN be done. Please continue to post your successes so I can remind myself how it can be done!